Staying Active, Staying Connected

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Staying Active, Staying Connected, Bucks

Keeping Aylesbury, Wycombe and Chesham moving.

Project purpose

Staying Active, Staying Connected Bucks aims to help older adults become more active by connecting them to existing programs and spaces in their community. 

Through collaboration with, and supporting existing sessions and the general public, we are looking to understand what offerings currently exist and the barriers older adults face that deter them from being physically active.



Get involved

In order to achieve this, we need your help!

Whether you’re an older adult yourself, or a carer, friend, or a family member that can assist an older adult, please fill out this survey:

If you have an active program that is not getting enough participants at older adults sessions please fill out this instructor survey:

Meet our delivery team:

Amelia Evans
Sports Development Officer

Katie Youngman
Sports Development Officer

Alice Bairstow
Marketing Officer

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