Women Only Swimming Lessons Aylesbury

Women Only Swimming

Indoor swimming pool. Aylesbury Grammar School, Aylesbury.

Our women only swimming lessons are perfect for everyone wishing to be active and learn to swim with confidence, in a private and comfortable environment. With female instructors and lifeguards only, these sessions are run for women by women.


We have sessions running in Aylesbury and High Wycombe, to find out more about your local session, click below.




Sessions are packaged as a series of 10 separate weekly swims, focusing on core skills of swimming and water confidence. Our range of classes mean there is something for everyone, whether it is your first time in the water or if you want to lane swim.



These sessions provide a great opportunity to learn to swim whilst adhering to religious beliefs. However, all women of any background are welcome to join these sessions!



Which class is right for you?

Find out which class is right for you using our quick breakdown of the different levels seen to the right.

A female lifeguard and instructor will be present at all sessions. Swimming classes will be taught by an instructor from the side of the pool. For confident swim bookings, technique advice, support, and pool safety guidance will be available upon request.

Please contact swimming@aitc.org.uk for any questions or queries. 

Women only swimming lessons class breakdown
What to bring to your Women only swimming lesson